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Amsterdam Escape Rooms

Put your stag party to the test in Amsterdam...

Keep your stag party entertained during the hours between daytime and nighttime with a trip to the immersive Amsterdam Escape Rooms. If you want to bond your stag party before the groom takes the leap into married life, this is the way to go. A session in the escape rooms requires teams to work together to unlock the door, if that doesn't bond you nothing will!

There are a variety of different rooms to choose from at the venue, and each one takes your stag party through a different scenario. From lighthearted mysteries to terrifying experiences, there's something for every group. Do you want to up those adrenaline levels? Go for a room that'll take your stag party to it's limits and leave the lads screaming like girls.

Can your stag party break free in Amsterdam? Find out!

We'll take care of setting it all up before your stag party arrives in the Netherlands. When you arrive at the secret venue, right in the heart of the city, you'll be met by friendly staff who will take everyone through a safety briefing and give you instructions on the room that you've chosen. Whether you've done an escape room previously or not, these rooms are brilliant fun. You'll need to work together to get the door open, and one man can't do it on his own!

You step inside, the door shuts and you hear the ominous 'click' of the lock slide into place. You won't hear it again unless you can find the clues, solve the puzzles and crack the code to dislodge it from its resting place. When you achieve the win, you'll only be a few steps from the bars, pubs and clubs of downtown and a round of celebratory beers with the guys!

In a nutshell:

  • Amsterdam Escape Rooms
  • Secret, city centre venue
  • Professional instructions
  • Variety of rooms to choose from
  • Clues, puzzles & challenges
  • 1hr to escape
  • Ask your stag party planner for further details
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