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Two men trying to figure out how to escape a room

Oxford Escape Room

Groom's Last Lock-Up: Find the Key to Freedom!

Alright lads! We've got the ultimate challenge for you and all the lads on your stag weekend. Its time to put all your skills to the test and see if you’ve got what it takes to crack the code in the most thrilling escape rooms around! Imagine this: You’re locked in, the clocks ticking, and there’s only one way out. Your freedom rests on your collective with, problem-solving skills, and let’s face it, your ability to not panic when you hear the “30 minutes remaining” announcement. 

There is not just one, not two, but a whopping seven rooms to choose from! Whether you fancy yourself breaking out of a haunted mansion, a high-security prison, or defusing a bomb in a spy lair- there’s a room with your name on it. And each room has its unique quirks, twists, and mind-bending puzzles.

Bachelor's Bootcamp: Unlock the Party

And here’s the kicker: you’ve only got 1 hour to escape. That’s right. Sixty minutes. Three thousand and six hundred seconds to prove you’re not just a bunch of pretty faces. Will you emerge as heroes or get hilariously humbled? Either way, its going to be legendary. While other stags might choose the usual bar crawl or paintball fight, you’ll be diving deep into a whirlwind of mysteries, deciphering clues, and forging an epic tale of camaraderie.

And after the great escape? Whether you’re celebrating your triumphant breakout or nursing the wounded pride of being beaten by a bunch of riddles, the stories, laughs and memories of your stag do will last a lifetime. So gear up, lads! Its time to take on the ultimate challenge. Whether you escape of not, the tales of this stag weekend will be recounted for years to come. Let the games begin and may the best team win! 

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