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Nottingham Escape Rooms

Come over to the dark side of Nottingham! The city's scariest escape rooms will have the most courageous chap on the stag do trembling in his trainers. Your mission objective is simple - escape from a locked room in 60 minutes. The reality is anything but easy. You'll need to work as a tight unit to solve the puzzles, crack the confusing codes and escape through hidden doors and anterooms.

Prepare to have your spine chilled and melon twisted. Each room is a work of mad genius and has more twists than a murder mystery. Keys, schmeys! This is about so much more than simply find a key and unlocking a door. That would be lame. The escape rooms we have in store for your stag do look like something out of a horror flick. We're talking darkness, eerie lamplight, secret passageways, an ancient evil lurking in the corner, mysterious contraptions - the full works.

As soon as the door locks behind you, the countdown starts. Time soon slips away. Can your intrepid party of stags escape before total darkness descends?

You'll need a stiff drink afterwards! Fortunately Nottingham is full of ye olde pubs where a stag can get a proper pint to take the edge off.

In a nutshell:

  • Escape rooms at a secret location in Nottingham
  • Play in teams of 2-5
  • Escape an eerie themed room in 60 minutes
  • Crack codes, solve riddles, puzzles and complete challenges to earn your freedom
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