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Fancy a Flutter with a Casino Night on a Stag Weekend

Casino Night

Get suited up and prepare to take a few risks, gents. It's time to live like high rollers for a sensational stag night!

A casino night is the only way to inject some class into a stag do. And you don't have to go all the way to Vegas to get the full experience. In addition to Sin City, we offer casino nights in a ton of stag party destinations closer to home. Whatever your budget, we've got a gaming option that fits the bill.

Want to learn how to ace a poker evening? Our expert tutors will help you tell your straight flush from your full house. How about putting everything on red in a top draw casino where the rich and famous hang out? We'll take you to some of the glitziest places in the world, where genuine squillionaires flash the cash and every lady you meet is likely to be an heiress.

We reckon a casino night is perfect for the second evening of a stag do, when you've done the clubs and bars proud and want something a little different. Instead of running all over town like a bunch of maniacs, you get to set up camp in one location and really enjoy yourselves. Just remember: only bet what you can afford to lose, unless you want to explain to your best mate's Mrs why she's going to have to sell her wedding dress on eBay.

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

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