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Night at the Dogs

All the people, so many people - and they all go round and round, round and round in their park life... Get back to the old school with a classic night at the dogs. We're talking Tote bets, chicken in a basket, pie and chips, beer out of plastic pint pots, the works. It's a proper bubble, and just the thing for a Saturday night!

After a Friday having it large, the boys will want something a bit different for the second night of the stag party. A night at the dogs ticks that box with ease! Pop on those parkas, grow out a bit of Britpop stubble and pretend you know Damon Albarn.

You can study the form guides to get an idea of which hound to bet on in each race, or go for the time honoured method of jabbing pins in the race card! Our top tip: bet on the same number dog in each race, and set a maximum amount you can spend. The law of averages says your number will probably win once, and by capping your punting you won't end up spending the beer kitty on also-rans.

A night at the dogs is quality fun for all the chaps, and gives your stag party a chance to regroup and get some quality banter in. Plus, it finishes early enough that you can get back into town and go clubbing all over again. Bosh.

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