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Stag Kidnap Experience for Stag Weekends

Stag Kidnap

Stitch ups don't get much funnier than our stag kidnap! We'll arrange for the big man to be spirited away by the long arm of the law when he's least expecting it: when he's about to enjoy a freshly pulled pint. He won't suspect a thing and the rest of you will end up in hysterics as his bewildered face is bundled into the back of a van!

We'll arrange the set-up, all you lot have to do is get him to the pre-arranged pick-up point, where the 'police' will be waiting to take him off for 'interrogation'. The rest of you finish your beers and he comes back, hopefully grinning, shaking his head and calling you all rotten b@stards!

A true classic that gives everyone a laugh but doesn't end up with you lot explaining a broken limb to the bride, the stag kidnap is way funnier than cling-filming him to a lamppost naked.

In addition to being an absolute scream, the stag kidnap gives you the opportunity to get some priceless photos of the groom being 'arrested'. Prime your cameras and then click just as his jaw drops and he splutters on his pint. Priceless!

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