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Boobie Wrestling Experience for Stag Weekends

Boobie Wrestling

It's right there in the title, fellers! There's nothing like a bout of boobie wrestling for the stag that loves a bit of rough and tumble. Multiple topless ladies, a pit full of jelly and as much booze as you can muster: sounds like Saturday night to us.

Boobie wrestling takes all the best bits of a completely crazy stag do and rolls them into one hilarious event. You'll get a round of brews to get the boys in the mood, and front row seats to an inflatable wrestling ring with not one but two differences. First, the girls in the arena have forgotten to wear any clothes (some venues have fully naked ladies, some have thongs on), and second, they're sliding around in jell-o!

Of course it wouldn't be a stag do without some ritual humiliation for the man of the moment. And it doesn't get much more embarrassing than having the smackdown put on you by girls. Just when your boy thinks he's died and gone to heaven, the bell goes for the second round and he's hauled into the ring to face the music. Cameras out and mockery turned up to 11, please gents. It's time to smell what the lady-Rock is cooking...

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