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Beer Bike Activity for Stag Weekends

Beer Bike

The pub just went mobile!

Pedal and party your way round town on the beer bike. Made for stag parties, this ingenious machine takes the pub on tour. Keep the history geeks and beer boys equally happy, get a feel for the city, take classic selfies in front of statues, and prove you got a bit of culture without setting foot inside an art gallery or museum.

You won't have to do much in the way of actual work, the beer bike has power assisted pedalling and a driver. Stag parties are free to quaff plenty of booze without being nobbled by the long arm of the law. Take your seats round a big table, pour your own brewskis, get the banter going and check out the city's top attractions in total comfort.

Beer bike tours tend to last around 1 hour and include a generous quantity of beer. Let's put it this way; you won't go thirsty during this stag activity!

See parks, gardens, weird shizzle, mind-blowing buildings, gigantic churches, and a few hidden gems. It's also a good way to scope out the city's main nightlife areas. Ideal for the Saturday morning or afternoon of a stag weekend, a beer bike tour will go down well with everyone from your best mate to the groom's future brother-in-law.

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