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Stitch the Stag Up Activities for a Stag Party, Stag Do or Stag Weeken

Stitch the Stag Up Activities

Get The Most Out of Your Stag Party With Thrilling Stitch the Stag Up Activities

Stitch the groom on his stag do with a solid gold prank! Guaranteed awesome, these stitch up ideas have the added benefit of being completely legal and safe. Best men, if you want to make him squirm without accidentally putting him in hospital/getting arrested, read on!

We've been arranging hilarious stag stitch ups for more than 15 years. Our sneaky skills and jaw-dropping scenarios have been honed to the point of perfection! Be warned though they are mainly available abroad - most are so extreme that we can't run them in the UK!

Classics include the Stag Arrest, the Sexy Hitch Hiker and the Anti Stripper. From bundling your boy out of the pub for a fake “interrogation' to sending a saucy cleaning lady to his room, we know what we're doing when it comes to embarrassing the living daylights out of your best pal.

Our troupes of actors, vanloads of movie-quality props and friendly strippers make every prank look completely real. He'll be absolutely convinced he's being banged up for life/about to get his brains banged out until the big reveal!

The stag weekend stitch up is a classic part of any successful celebration. Make sure it's done right. Get the rest of the stag party in on the joke, and whip out those smartphones for classic blackmail material. He'll pay you not to put this stuff on Facebook...

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