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Whiskey Tasting

Ach, there's nothing like a wee dram to put the boys in a good mood. And six drams is even better!

Our legendary whisky tasting afternoons combine a genuinely interesting history lesson with a lot of shots, to create a stag do winner that never fails to get the party started.

Start off with a long whisky cocktail, swap a few stories and make sure you embarrass the stag. While you lot are laughing at the stupidest things he ever did whilst drunk, a whisky expert will be setting up two blind tasting challenges.

Listen carefully to the lectures you're given before each test gets underway! Not only will you learn things you never knew about whisky distilling and bottling - like why some whiskies have their name spelled with an e and some don't - you'll also get all the information you need to win the challenge.

Armed with your newfound knowledge, your task is to identify different brands and whisky styles from the pack. Six shots down, can you tell the difference between premium single malt and a blend?

With booby prizes for the thickies and kudos for chaps who can tell their oak cask from their sherry cask, this is the perfect way to get some culture into a stag do drinking session!

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