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Dwarf Pub Crawl Experience for Stag Weekends

Dwarf Pub Crawl

You've seen it in the movies, now do it for real! In selected stag weekend destinations, we're giving you the opportunity to hire the services of a Dwarf for a hilarious pub crawl.

Handcuffed to the groom, your Dwarf can be as helpful or as annoying as you want. Pick different costume options to set the tone - devil horns for bad influence, and copper's hat for party policeman!

Your Dwarf is well-equipped with a cracking sense of humour, and will happily help you to play all sorts of jokes on your hapless stag. From chatting up every girl in the bar to nicking the groom's drinks, he's a priceless addition to a stag weekend bar crawl.

Every joke runs its course, and your Dwarf is no exception. In all locations, he tags along for a carefully calculated amount of time - defined as "just long enough to make the groom wish he was dead"! After that, the wee man is set free and you lot get to carry on drinking.

A Dwarf pub crawl is perfect for the first night of a stag weekend, when lads are lively and many pints are likely to be consumed. The question is, how long can your boy hold out before he has to go for a whizz with his diminutive sidekick in tow?

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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