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Wake Up Call Experience for Stag Weekends

Wake Up Call

Waking up is a lot easier when boobies are involved! Give the gift of life on the Saturday or Sunday morning of the stag do, with a saucy wake-up call.

Blending everything that's best about stag pranks and naked ladies, this one's a winner no matter how you look at it. You get to scare the crap out of the groom, by putting an undressed fittie in his room in the morning. And he gets an undressed fittie in his room. Everyone's happy!

Springing a strip surprise on a stag do can be hard work. The groom has a habit of drinking too much and vanishing just when you need him to stay put. First thing in the a.m., though, the one place he's likely to be is in bed. Best men, you know what to do...

For ultimate japes, see if you can wangle a spare key to the stag's room from the front desk, and slip the stripper inside while your boy is still asleep. When he wakes up to find a scantily-clad lovely actually on his bed, he'll have a moment of absolute terror before he remembers he hasn't really been a naughty boy!

Our all-time favourite is putting a stripper in the shower. It takes silent work and delicate timing, but it can be done...

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