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Drag Queen Strip Experience for Stag Weekends

Drag Queen Strip

Hands up who wants to make the groom go red in the face! For solid gold stag weekend hilariousness, you can't get better than a drag queen strip show.

The stag weekend prank to end them all is a winning combo of proper lady-strip and surprise man-package. Everything starts out perfectly normal, with two super-hot local ladies doing the erotic fandango - but as the clothes come off, it becomes quickly apparent that one of them isn't all she seems to be...

This is the perfect blend of top gift and awesome joke: one genuine female stripper, and one dude who looks like a lady! Your best buddy might be stunned by the appearance of Wee Willie Winkie up on stage, but he also gets to look at a bona fide hottie without her clothes on. And no stag worth his salt can be angry at that!

Available in select locations, the drag queen strip will have the boys in stitches. It's as funny as it is hot, and there's loads of room for winding up the groom. Let him think he's cottoned on to your "girl on girl" stripper surprise, and wait for the moment he realises all is not as it appears!

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