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Police Kidnap Experience for Stag Weekends

Police Kidnap

Best men - your search for the ultimate stag party stitch up has ended. We're deeply proud of this one, so hold onto your hats and charge up your smartphones. You're about to get the best video footage of your life!

Working in cahoots with some extremely convincing local actors, we can arrange to have your boy busted, arrested and taken off in an official looking police van for questioning! It's the stag party prank to end them all, and because everyone's already in on the act nothing can possibly go wrong.

All you have to do is get the groom to a bar of your choosing at a prearranged time. When you've settled in for a quick pint, the doors burst open and the long arm of the law comes barrelling in looking for a tourist. Before your chap can wipe the foam from his mouth, he'll be out the door and bundled into the back of a van, convinced he's going to have to call his future father in law for an extortionate bailout.

Keep a straight face until Elvis has left the building, then wee yourself laughing while you polish off a couple of beers! After a suitably nerve-wracking length of time, his captors will reveal the joke and deliver him back to you, red-faced and the star of a dozen brand new YouTube videos. Priceless.

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