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Roly Poly Wrestling Experience for Stag Weekends

Roly Poly Wrestling

For stag party activities that do exactly what they say on the tin, look no further than roly poly wrestling! A generously proportioned stripper and mud wrestling contest rolled into one epic package, this one's guaranteed to have the chaps in stitches.

Not only does the groom get subjected to the humiliation of a roly poly strip, with bucketloads of stag participation - he also ends up being soundly thrashed by naked ladies in a pool of goop. If there's a better recipe for kicking off a stag party, we'd like to know what it is!

The strip is as generous in length as it is in size - expect a good, friendly 15-20 minute act full of fun and silliness. And just when the man of the moment gets his breath back, and settles down to watch booby-licious locals sliding around in the ring, mud-covered arms reach out and haul him in for a solid beating!

An all round winner, roly poly wrestling combines classic groom humiliation with plenty of lady-action. And hey, at the end of the day Mr Soon-to-be-Married ends up fooling around with naked chicks in a big pile. Who's laughing now?

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