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Hamburg Laser Combat

Attention, soldier! You've smashed Halo on the Xbox, now it's time to see some live action! There's an epic laser combat arena on the outskirts of Hamburg, where you can suit up, split into teams and bring the futuristic shoot 'em up to life.

We've battled our way through loads of laser combat places and trust us, this one is the nuts. Regarded as one of the best in Deutschland, it's got high end phaser packs and sensor vests for the soldiers, and a cutting-edge labyrinth of an arena with tons of special features like energy gates and power ups.

You'll play 3 games, each of which is 15 minutes long. You could be fighting as a team one minute and battling for survival as a lone wolf the next. The phaser packs power up quickly after you're hit so even if another stag takes you down, it'll only be a few seconds before your shield is back up and you're ready to rock.

Head back to central Hamburg for a debrief over a few beers at a beach club overlooking the River Elbe.

In a nutshell:

  • 45 minutes of laser combat
  • 3 different games
  • Hire of all equipment
  • Briefing from the game marshals
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