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Barcelona Laser Combat

Paintball is so last year. For the latest, greatest sensation in simulated stag weekend battles, it's all about laser combat!

This isn't the tacky warehouse game you might remember from the 80s and 90s. Oh no. Modern laser combat is based on real life military training techniques. It uses the same kinds of weapon as proper army training, and takes place in incredible simulated combat terrain. This is the real thing, soldier!

Barcelona's laser combat venue has two immense battlegrounds to play in. The first is a faithful recreation of a jungle village, complete with military vehicles, huts and oil drums. As you band together for total elimination of the enemy, you'll come across Jeeps, trailers, field ambulances and even two downed helicopters!

For added realism, epic background tracks play the sounds of tank fire, F16s and mortars. Boom!

Barcelona's second laser combat arena features no mocked-up encampments, no vehicles and no man-made obstacles. Instead, you'll be fighting for survival in 2 hectares (20,000 sq metres) of forest! Battle your way through undergrowth, take cover behind fallen trees, and take your life into your hands as you lead your platoon across exposed ground. Out here, the silence is complete. A single snapped twig could spell the end for your team...

Laser combat requires no cumbersome safety gear. You'll be kitted out in lightweight battle fatigues suited to the Spanish climate. This is the perfect stag weekend shooting activity!

In a nutshell:

  • Bring 20 stags or more for a private game
  • Groups smaller than 20 will fight alongside other teams
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