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Reading Laser Combat

Spend the daytime bit of your Reading stag party playing woodland laser combat. We've found one hell of a battlefield a short drive from Reading, where you can settle old scores and blow off serious steam. It's got the lot: lush fragrant pine trees, water, mud, and big-ass laser guns that look like something out of Rambo or Predator. We'll book you in for two solid hours of woodland warfare. Get the camo gear on and bring the pain!

You'll play all sorts of different games in the woods. Send the adrenaline into overdrive with fast and furious shootouts and speed games. See if your tactics are up to snuff with strategic missions. Sneak up on the enemy, line up your shot using the gun's laser sight, pull the trigger and take the target down with extreme prejudice. You'll have plenty of opportunities to gang up on the stag in the woods. Track him down and take him out!

No experience needed. All you need is a pair of trainers and a competitive streak. As this is a Reading stag party, that shouldn't be a problem!

The pain-free, high-tech version of paintball is perfect for a Reading stag party. No mess, no whacking great bruises, and no face masks or goggles needed. Nor will you need to reloaded at that crucial moment when it's you or the other guy. Get the troops over to Reading, split into teams and battle it out in the woods.

In a nutshell:

  • Laser combat in woodland near Reading
  • 2-hour session
  • Trees, water, mud and plenty of cover
  • Big guns with laser sight
  • Full camo gear provided
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