Top 10 Stag Do Destinations

Here is the latest list of top 10 stag do destinations in the UK and Europe. Some are budget-friendly. Others are a blowout. There are locations on here for party animals, playboys, beer monsters, football fanatics, jokers and adrenaline junkies. Have fun!


Easily coming in first place on our top 10 stag do destinations, A Barcelona stag do is Europe's best city/beach break combo. Barceloneta beach is heaving with bikini girls in summer and has great beach bars. There's a big casino in Port Olimpic. You can charter a yacht without breaking the bank, and do bucket list stuff like flyboard. Snap up Barcelona football tickets and experience the legendary Camp Nou. Go on a bike tour and have your minds blown by bonkers buildings like Sagrada Familia and Park Guell.


Ah, Prague! No prizes for guessing why the Czech capital got second place. Cheap beers, medieval charm, bags of culture and lesbian shows combine to make a Prague stag do one of the top 10 stag do destinations of all time. Add cheap flights and affordable centrally located hotels to the mix and you've got the ultimate no-brainer. Only in Prague can you drink unlimited beer at a beer spa!


Marbella is a destination for the stag who fancies himself as James Bond. Well, Sean Connery did own a house here for years, so fair play. Exceptional golf courses, the Golden Mile, swanky bars in Puerto Banus, exclusive beach clubs, and a casino night fit for 007. There's a square named after Antonio Banderas. It's that kind of place. She may be a bit showy, but a Marbella stag do is one hell of a stag do destination.


At the other end of the spectrum from Marbella, we have a Benidorm stag do. Top 10 stag do destinations aren't all spectacular and expensive. Still one of the most popular Costa Blanca resorts, Benidorm is basically Britain in the sun. You'll get insanely cheap booze on Benidorm's English Square, golden sands on Playa Levante, and an unforgettable show from the notorious'Sticky Vicky'. The clue is in the name. Er, enjoy!


When you absolutely have to get totally wrecked and see stuff that'll turn your hair white, accept no substitute! Nowhere does hedonism quite like an Amsterdam stag do. Cheap flights make it affordable and legendary bars and clubs on the Red Light tour make it one for the bucket list. Take a deep breath, say a prayer for your liver and soul, and take Monday off work.


Easily the best UK city in this list of top 10 stag do destinations, a Nottingham stag do ticks all the stag boxes. There's the rumour about the city having four women to every man, for starters. The bar prices are easy on the wallet, and you can drink at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, England's oldest pub. The city centre has bags of shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs, all within walking distance of each other. And you can do everything from It's a Knockout and Escapologic – Nottingham's most realistic escape rooms.


It's worth having your stag do in stag do in Birmingham for Broad Street alone. If you want an epic bar crawl, Brum is the city. It's also good for gigs, and you will get the best curry in Britain in the Balti Triangle. If you want something different for a stag do, try Totally Wiped Out. This is a bit like the BBC show, but team-based, and you can have a bash at beating the big red balls. There will be banter.


If a stag by the sea is on the cards, you can't go wrong with a Bournemouth stag do. Top 10 stag do destinations used to only include coastal cities abroad but all that has changed recently. Bournemouth has golden sands as far as the eye can see, plenty of hot female students, and a town centre teeming with bars. The weather can be mad hot in summer. There are even palm trees. Yes, actual palm trees.


Bristol always makes the top 10 stag do destinations. Maybe it's the cider. It could be Banksy's murals. I reckon it's got something to do with Bristol being friendly, easy to get around, and undeniably funky. Generally regarded as cool and creative, Bristol has one of Britain's best nightlife scenes and you're onto a winner with a Bristol stag do. Do the Harbourside and Park Street for a bar crawl, Clifton if you're posh, and Stokes Croft if you like your clubs on the underground side. Find out if you've got the cojones to crush Man v Food or howl laughing doing the Mini Moto Sprint!


When you're compiling a list of the top 10 stag do destinations, a Brighton stag do has to be on there. Laid back, liberal and heaving with bars, pubs and clubs of every kind, Brighton is the best party spot on the South Coast. Getting around is easy, you'll have sussed North Laine and South Laine in no time. You can walk between bars and clubs, and try everything from bubble football to hovercrafting.

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Date Posted: Tuesday 10th November 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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