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Hamburg Indoor Paintballing

Awesome value for money but still delivers the full-on, military experience! Hamburg has a quality indoor paintballing arena. You get more paintballs than usual, which means you don't have to be stingy with the ammo. What are you waiting for, soldier? Lock 'n load.

If you want to be the man responsible for planning an epic stag weekend in Hamburg, war games at the indoor paintballing arena is a no brainer. Located in the city, this is urban paintball at its best. There are plenty of obstacles to bring the game scenarios to life. Take cover behind the truck or hit the enemy sniper-style from the old house. You'll feel like you're in an classic war movie one minute and a spy flick the next.

As the indoor arena is only a short distance from central Hamburg, you won't have to waste loads of time getting there and back. When you've settled old scores, taken the enemy down and splattered the stag to within an inch of his life, head back to the city centre all buzzed up and hit the brewpubs.

In a nutshell:

  • 60 minutes of indoor paintball
  • 250 balls each
  • Hire of anti-fog masks and overalls
  • Instructor
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