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Palma Indoor Paintballing

Paintballing rules. There is literally nothing like hunting down your best mate and pumping him full of paint. And with 200 balls to fire, this battle's guaranteed to get epic.

Not far from Palma, we've found a top paintball site that's perfect for a stag weekend. You get all the gear you need to inflict maximum damage without actually damaging anyone, and of course instruction and safety briefings are all part of the package.

The site's barely any distance from Palma, so you don't even have to sit through a long transfer. Pile into the bus, and start swapping old war stories. By the time you've got to the bit about taking an entire enemy bunker with just 10 paintballs left in the clip, you'll be piling out again and getting into your combat gear!

After a briefing from the game marshals, your teams will be set loose in the zones. The question is, what are your tactics going to be? Some stags like to act like they're in Call of Duty, teaming up on the enemy for hard-hitting stealth missions. Others are more like Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket, spraying the horizon with a hail of paintballs until there's no sucker left standing.

Lock it, load it, and unleash hell. You'll be back in Palma in time for beers. Oh, and if you fancy a BBQ it can be added for a small extra price. Yum.

In a nutshell:

  • Indoor paintball
  • 200 balls each
  • Transfers included
  • Add a BBQ for an extra cost
  • Minimum 6 people
From Only £66.00 per Person
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Whats Included...
  • Indoor Paintballing
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  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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From £294.00 Per Person
we are good to go, visit England
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