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Paintballing in action - stag dressed up in camouflage ready for action

Prague Indoor Paintballing

Prague Indoor Paintballing click, click, splat! It's paintball time. Spend two hours at a quality indoor paintball arena, kicking ass and taking names. Paintball is a classic choice and will make your Prague stag do awesome in one hit. If you like your guns big and activities hella competitive, you'll love this. Kitted out with quality paintball markers and protective gear, you'll get stuck into everything from speed games to tactical missions and shoot 'em up-style scenarios. You get unlimited reusable balls to enter the game. Oh, and we've thrown in beer because nothing tastes as good as liquid gold when you've been in battle.

More post-apocalyptic urban survival mission than military re-enactment, this indoor variation on the paintball format sees your unit fight for survival. Have you got the reflexes and guts to get in there and take on the enemy? Will you be able to shoot your bro in the back if you end up on separate teams? Nothing shows true colours quite like paintball! Are you a hothead or a tactician? Will you run right into battle and let your guns do the talking or hang back and take pot shots from a safe vantage point?

If you want something that'll unite everyone on the Prague stag do and get the troops fired up and ready to party, paintball will do the job.

In a nutshell:

  • Indoor paintball in Prague
  • 2 hours of gaming
  • Unlimited reusable balls
  • Guns
  • Safety gear
  • 1 beer each
  • Return transfers
From Only £52.00 per Person
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