Warsaw Airsoft

Like the idea of paintball, but don't want to end up with sticky yellow gunk in your hair? Fancy playing a full-on war game in an abandoned two-storey building? It's Airsoft time!

Airsoft rocks. Unlike paintball, you use weapons that fire non-exploding projectiles: so you can score hit after hit on the big man without messing up his favourite t shirt. Just don't fire down low from too close, or you'll seriously damage his chances of having children!

Airsoft guns are either spring loaded, battery powered or gas powered. Because they're not subject to the same requirements as paintball guns, they also look a lot more like the real thing! If you've always fancied yourself as a bit of a secret assassin, this is the game for you.

Hunt down the stag with a replica pistol or assault rifle, over two floors of an old building near central Warsaw. You'll be kitted out with everything you need to unleash total mayhem, including 450 Airsoft balls each (the pros call them 'BBs'). Can you keep your cool under fire, or will you end up spraying bullets everywhere and screaming for your mum?

Exciting, realistic and totally paint-free, Airsoft is the new way to take pot shots at your best mate on a stag weekend. You'll play a combination of tactical and free-for-all games over the course of a two hour session. Defend your position, work silently to infiltrate enemy territory, or go rogue and take out anything that moves. Sir, yes sir!

In a nutshell:

  • Stag weekend Airsoft game in Warsaw
  • 2 hours play
  • Local guide
  • 450 balls each
  • All equipment and safety gear
  • Instructor
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