Budapest Airsoft

An ingenious alternative to paintball, airsoft is the smart chap's choice for a Budapest stag weekend. If the groom's more of a lover than a fighter, exchange hard pellets of paint for round plastic BBs. Airsoft is less painful than paintball but still supplies a most excellent adrenaline rush!

We'll take your Budapest stag party to a cracking battlefield for classic war games.

You know the drill; suit up, split into teams and show no mercy as you bring your mates down in a blaze of glory. Airsoft games require speed, strength, skill and stealth.

Watch your back and use the rugged Hungarian countryside to your advantage. The site we have in store for you has densely wooded areas and natural obstacles aplenty. Perfect for taking cover and planning a covert attack. Budapest stag parties get:

  • All equipment
  • 2 hours
  • Briefing and safety gear
  • Unlimited balls
  • Round of beers
  • Transfers

Packages That Include This Activity:

Budapest Stag Do Ideas - Airsoft
Stag Warfare

From £175.00 Per Person