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Edinburgh Airsoft

A superb activity for a stag party, Airsoft has everything you need to make Saturday afternoon go with bang! Basically a pumped-up version of paintball, it's realer and tougher and will have everyone in the crew gasping for breath by the end of the first battle. Nut up or shut up, chaps. Sh*t just got real.

Paintball is played using "markers" - gun-style weapons that use compressed air to fire gel capsules filled with paint. Airsoft weapons are virtually indistinguishable from real live guns - the only difference is they launch plastic pellets instead of bullets!

Fully kitted out with camo gear, goggles and replica rifles, you'll be let loose on purpose-built playing zones just a short ride away from Edinburgh town centre. There are plenty of game types to get the blood pumping. Chase the stag, capture an enemy base or defend vital territory from incursion. You'll need to deploy your forces wisely if you're going to stand a chance against the rebels...

We love Airsoft. Even stags who have played more than their fair share of paintball find themselves busting out war movie quotes at this activity, and diving for cover like excited newbies!

After a few whiskies on the Royal Mile, you'll need some fresh air and exercise to get your groove back. Airsoft is guaranteed to get you in the mood again.

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