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Krakow Airsoft

Fancy something a bit different to the usual 'paintball and a pint' stag party afternoon? Chaps, in Krakow you get more bang for your buck - literally!

Airsoft is paintball's awesome big brother. Instead of firing paint-filled gel capsules at your opponent, you'll tool up with replica 'real world' weapons loaded with plastic or rubber projectiles. It's basically like hunting down your best buds with a riot gun. Amazing!

Unlike paintball markers, Airsoft weapons are able to use mechanical feed systems to rack bullets into the chamber - giving you true fully-automatic firing. Graduate from the paintball field, and feel the rush of real combat!

Unload a full clip at the stag as he runs for cover. Commando crawl, roll and dive between urban obstacles as you battle it out in a warehouse location. Just 20 minutes from Krakow centre, this Airsoft arena is the perfect place to play multiple games including bunker defence and 'every stag for himself' firefights.

Your instructors will brief you on loading and safely using the equipment, then let you loose on a series of epic game scenes.

With plenty of square footage, and nearly three hours to play with, this classic afternoon activity can support up to 40 combatants. Are you ready for war?

In a nutshell:

  • Awesome stag party Airsoft battle
  • 2-3 hours
  • 350 bullets each
  • Full safety gear
  • Instructors and guide
From Only £53.00 per Person
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