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Dodgeball Activity for Stag Weekends


Gather your Average Joes for a dodgeball stag do! Ridiculously competitive, insanely fast and completely ruthless, dodgeball has to be the ultimate stag party activity. Split into teams and battle for dominance in a nail-biting dodgeball tournament. No playing fair, caring or sharing. This is all-out WAR with blood, sweat and tears shed in buckets.

Lingering stag night hangovers will be well and truly smashed by dodgeball. Work off those beers and get the testosterone bubbling with classic team games including the classic Last Man Alive

This is a proper, organised dodgeball tournament with official balls and referees to keep play (relatively) fair. Learn the moves and warm up with a practice game before the main event starts and it gets serious. Brilliant for whipping up the old team spirit and firing up the banter machine, dodgeball was made for stag dos.

If ever there was an activity crying out for stag do fancy dress, this is it. Get Average Joe's shirts printed or stitch the stag up with a gimp-tastic leather outfit like the one Vince Vaughn gets lumbered with in the classic 2004 film!

In a nutshell:

  • Court hire
  • City centre venue
  • Official dodgeballs
  • Referee
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