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Liverpool Dodgeball

Liverpool might be the home of quality football, but that doesn't mean you have to spend your stag weekend at Anfield! Leave the serious stuff for another time. This is your last chance to have some epic fun with the boys. And what could be more fun than dodgeball?

Dodgeball is probably the funniest, most stag weekend friendly sport in history. For a start, you don't need any actual skill - which is just as well, if you've been getting jiggy with it on Mathew Street and Concert Square! No matter how hungover you are, all you have to do to play is pick up a ball and chuck it at the groom. Hard.

A genuine dodgeball instructor is on hand to keep you lot from falling over too soon. You'll learn how to start a tournament match with a rush for the halfway line - not to mention inflicting maximum damage on the opposition when you get your hands on the balls.

In the words of Rolling Stone magazine - seeing someone get hit in the nuts 100 times is funny 100 times. You know the drill, chaps. Aim for the crown jewels and put that sucker down!

Liverpool's dodgeball centre is staffed by an awesome team of trainers and refs. Play in tournament and stag weekend mode for an all-round afternoon of playground violence. Epic.

In a nutshell:

  • Between 60 and 90 minutes game time (depends on team size)
  • Minimum 8 players
  • Mixture of tournament and novelty stag weekend games
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