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Stag playing Dodgeball

Manchester Dodgeball

Manchester's classic mix of Madchester-inspired retro nights and cutting-edge club experiences guarantees a mint stag do when the sun goes down. But what about during the day? You'll be happy to know the northern capital of cool is just as much fun on Saturday afternoons!

We've ferreted out a totally rad stag do alternative - dodgeball! Get ready to recreate the antics of Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn as you attempt to take out your opposition with shots that bite like pit bulls and sting like angry bees.

The aim of the game is simple - hurl gnarly plastic balls into your opponents' half. Every time you score a direct hit, the chap who gets it in the stomach/back/nuts has to take a seat. But if they manage to catch your throw, it's you that has to sit out the rest of the game...

The Manchester dodgeball court is staffed by a bunch of awesome lads and lasses who are well used to dealing with fellers on a stag do. You'll be looked after from start to finish as you learn the not-so-gentle art of putting the smackdown on the groom!

Good-natured mockery is a must for a dodgeball tournament. Make sure you bring your A game, or the referee might just sin bin you for not being funny enough.

In a nutshell:

  • Tournament and stag do novelty games
  • Minimum of 8 players
  • Lasts for between 60 and 90 minutes depending on group size
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