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Guy in a white t-shirt and jeans getting hammered with dodgeballs. Discover the Lincoln Dodgeball stag party experience:

Lincoln Dodgeball

Take 'em down on your stag do in Lincoln...

Giving the big lad a raucous stag weekend doesn't have to be all about drinks in bars, strippers doing dirty dances and throwing shapes 'til the sun comes up. If you want to add some comedy gold to his single life send off, check out a session of Lincoln Dodgeball. It's the ideal way to bond the boys with some gut-busting hilarity, blow off some steam and settle old scores.

There's absolutely no experience required, and everyone in your group can jump in and take part. It's all about having a bit of fun while you're waving goodbye to the single life, and maybe a bit of getting your mates back for all those times they've pulled a prank or stitched you up.

Give 'em what for on your Lincoln stag weekend!

We'll get everything sorted, from the court hire and event coordinators to all the equipment you need to make it happen. Simply get the lads together and head down to a city centre venue for the match. When you get there, the event coordinator will get your stag party sorted into two teams. Wear your team strip or go wild with hilarious fancy dress, and pick team names that'll put all the lads into fits of laughter.

Dodgeball is a super simple game, simply wage war against your mates! The ref will blow the whistle, teams race to collect as many dodgeballs as they can from the middle line and then they had back into their half. Turn around and pelt the opposition, and if you get hit with a ball, you're out! When you've finished waging war on your stag weekend, you'll be pumped with adrenaline and have enough energy to keep you going into the wee hours of the morning in Lincoln.

In a nutshell:

  • Lincoln Dodgeball
  • City centre court
  • Court hire & equipment included
  • Tournament and stag-inspired games
  • Minimum group size: 8
  • Allow up to 1.5hrs for this activity
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