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Leeds Dodgeball

Leeds is prime stag party territory - a fun-loving city featuring two universities and more pubs than you can shake a yard glass at! There's only one outcome for lads on the lash in this northern stonker, and that's a huge hangover in need of some serious attention.

Fortunately, Leeds knows what's up during the day as well. If you wake up on Saturday morning feeling the after-effects of a huge night in Briggate or Call Lane, don't worry. A dodgeball tournament is just what you need!

No, we haven't gone mad. Think about it. A big group of chaps who haven't slept properly, and are probably still reeling from the effects of cocktails and beer, need something to take their minds off how awful they feel. And nothing does that better than a hottie in a sports uniform teaching you how to inflict maximum damage on the stag with a plastic ball.

Learn to grab as many balls as you can from the halfway line before your opponents, then scuttle back to your half and put the smackdown on them with vicious dodgeball manoeuvres! Go for the torso and legs for instant knockouts, and don't forget to hold back your best shots for the inevitable game of Total the Stag.

We've found a great dodgeball centre, where the staff are qualified in the fine art of banter. Your whole stag party will sweat off the effects of the night out, and have a huge laugh into the bargain. Winner!

In a nutshell:

  • 8 players minimum
  • 60-90 mins depending on group size
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