Bournemouth Dodgeball

Are you Globo Gym or Average Joe's? Does your sporting prowess stop when the remote runs out of batteries - or are you up at six for protein shakes and crunches? Chaps, it's time to sort the men from the posers once and for all in a stag weekend dodgeball tournament!

Bournemouth has been enjoying an epic reputation for stag weekend awesomeness ever since some genius opened about a million nightclubs near the seafront. Easily a contender for the UK's most surprisingly hardcore party town, it's a stag spot that requires every ounce of tactical planning if you're going to make it through the full two days. That's where dodgeball comes in...

A Saturday stag weekend activity has to have two things going for it - it's got to be funny, and it has to help you get rid of a stonking hangover! Play dodgeball in Bournemouth and you'll send your headache packing in minutes.

If the skin-tight Globo Gym dodgeball kit doesn't squeeze your headache away, then all the laughing will. Basically a playground fight with rules (well, one or two guidelines), dodgeball is a unique opportunity to throw stuff at the groom for a whole hour while authority figures taunt you for being incapable.

You'll be allocated qualified instructors and refs - super-fit ladies, if you're really lucky. The rest, as they say, is history. Or at least it will be, once it's happened. Ready, set, throw!

In a nutshell:

  • Dodgeball tournament
  • Unique stag weekend games
  • Qualified instructors
  • 60-90 mins (depends on numbers)
  • Minimum 8 players

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