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Wroclaw Bungee Jump

Only the brave...

You're about to take the leap into married life, why not leap off into the unknown with the Wroclaw Bungee Jump! If the groom's the kind of guy that craves the rush from taking his life into his own hands, then you've got to do it! The only thing that tops the rush you get from bungee jumping is skydiving!

This bungee jump is unlike others. You won't be jumping from a bridge over a ravine or from cliffs overlooking a lake. Instead, it's like the ultimate football stadium tour! You'll get strapped in for a 40m jump over Wroclaw football stadium. It's absolutely brilliant and we can guarantee you'll never forget it.

'Those who don't jump will never fly.' - Leena Ahmad Almashat

Get the lads together and get over to stadium. Then it's time to really screw up the courage to look before you leap. It's going to take some insane guts to take this one on, but once you do you can check a massive activity off your bucket list.

You might as well take a real jump before you take the figurative one. Come on lads, the adrenaline rush from this one will keep you going long into the wee hours and you're stag party will be well and truly bonded after this harrowing experience! Get involved.

In a nutshell:
  • Wroclaw Bungee Jump
  • 1 jump from 40m
  • Over Stadion Miejski we Wroc?awiu - the city's football stadium

Packages That Include This Activity:

Take the Leap

From £159.00 Per Person

Up and Away

From £122.00 Per Person