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Sheffield Bungee Jump

In a disused foundry on the edge of Sheffield, an insane genius has turned all the old steelwork equipment into the backdrop for a crazy urban adrenaline centre. The centrepiece of the whole thing is a massive indoor bungee frame, which looks like the conning tower of a spaceship and operates in almost total darkness. Up for it?!

Just taking a look at the bungee structure is enough to give a stag the willies. This thing is built from reclaimed girders, and to get to the bungee platform you have to climb up 143 steps.

While you're climbing, lasers flash and futuristic video walls play footage of other crazy b*stards leaping into the blackness! It's like something out of Blade Runner. We reckon there's no stag party activity like it anywhere else in the UK.

Your best bud's stag is the final hurrah. You owe it to the big man to pull off something monumental on the Saturday afternoon. Clambering up an industrial crane and leaping into the strobe-lit gloom should definitely do the trick!

One of the most popular stag party activities in Sheffield, indoor bungee books up fast. Move quick to claim a coveted place on the scaffold!

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Sheffield Stag Do Ideas - Bungee Jump
Take the Leap
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  • Bungee Jump
  • VIP Lap Dancing
  • One Night Accommodation
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