Warsaw Bungee Jump

Waaaaaaaaaargh! That's the noise you'll be making when you leap off Warsaw's most terrifying tourist attraction! This makes a normal bungee jump look like a tea party.

So, what's different? Well, for a start you'll be leaping from a building. Yep, that's right chaps. An actual building. And instead of diving straight down and coming straight back up, you'll swing around on the end of the bungee rope like a massive worm on a drunk dude's fishing line!

The classic stag do prank, a bungee jump is also a top-notch way to see your best buddy off into married life. What could be a better metaphor for walking up the aisle than jumping off a 30m high structure with a rope tied to your ankles?

As this is Warsaw, prices for bungee jumps are easily affordable - so easy, in fact, that everyone in the stag do can have a go! So don't get too cocky when you unveil the big surprise to the groom. After he's plummeted screaming off the side of the bungee platform, you lot get to follow suit. We recommend stationing the bride's brother at the bottom with a smartphone, ready to put everyone's bungee face on Instagram. Hilarious.

There are some stag do activities that are just good. And then there are some you can't afford to miss. Bungee jumping is one of the latter! How often do you get to stitch up your oldest friend by throwing him into space and swinging him around upside-down on a rope?

In a nutshell:

  • Jump from a 30m high structure in Warsaw
  • 1 jump each
  • Rope swing at the bottom of the fall
  • Experienced instructors
  • Safety equipment
  • Local guide
  • Minimum 6 people
From Only £66.00 per Person
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