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Gdansk Bungee Jump

Imagine being able to say you smashed a bungee jump on your Gdansk stag party. If you want to remember at least one bit of your final weekend as a single gent, a bungee jump from a 90m-high construction crane will do the business. Doing something this awesome in such a magic location like the Baltic Coast will feel pretty damn good. First time jumpers are welcome. No experience necessary. No specialist kit required. Instruction is included and safety is paramount. Just bring balls of reinforced steel when you come over to Poland.

You will never look at a crane in quite the same way again after this bungee jump! Feel the giddy rush of anticipation as you head to the top and reach the jump point. Everyone's cheering you on. You can feel the rush of the wind against your face. It's time to nut up like you never have before. Take the deepest breath you've ever drawn and....then just think 'f*ck it, whatever' and jump!

You're not going to forget the time you leaped off a whacking great big crane! Get your name down and prepare for the biggest, sweetest rush of your life. Apart from proposing to your lovely girlfriend of course. But that aside, it's going to be one hell of a buzz. You know it has to be done!

In a nutshell:

  • Do a bungee jump on your Gdansk stag party weekend
  • All necessary equipment is provided
  • Taxi to the jump site
  • Guide
  • Available May-October
  • Weather dependent
From Only £78.00 per Person
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