Top UK vs Top European Stag Weekend Destinations

Nottingham Vs. Prague

Nightlife: A Prague stag do has beer halls, rooftop clubs, a comic book bar, and more strip clubs than you can shake a pair of panties at.

Beer: Czech beer is amongst the best in the world.

Music: Nottingham has shedloads of great bands and live gigs. Prague has Europop.

Budget: Nottingham is definitely more affordable.

Cool stuff to do: With Rage buggies, quads, shooting, beer tasting and It's a Knockout to choose from, a Nottingham stag do wins this round.

History and culture: Robin Hood.'Nuff said!

Verdict: Nottingham wins!

Bournemouth Vs. Barcelona

Nightlife: Barcelona, for her lounge clubs, beach bars and bodegas.

Beer: You can't beat an ice cold Estrella at a rooftop bar on a scorchio day, Barcelona stag do again.

Music: Blur's Alex James went to school in Bournemouth, so the UK wins this round.

Budget: A Bournemouth stag do is the best on a budget.

Cool stuff to do: Barcelona wins for the beach, yacht charter, Camp Nou, and the Baghdad Sex Club.

History and culture: Barcelona's Sagrada Familia will twist your melon!

Verdict: Barcelona wins!

Bristol Vs. Benidorm

Nightlife: Park Street and the Habourside beat the Benidorm strip

Beer: Bristol, for her quality craft beers and microbreweries.

Music: Massive Attack, Portishead, Roni Size, and yes, The Wurzels! Bristo stag do wins.

Budget: Benidorm is dirt cheap on all fronts, from booze to flights and accommodation.

Cool stuff to do: A Benidorm stag do, for banana boat rides, mountain biking, Jeep safaris and booze cruises.

History and culture: Brunel and Banksy - Bristol wins this round.

Verdict: Bristol wins!

London Vs. Marbella

Nightlife: London, for legendary clubs Pacha, Fabric, Egg, Funky Buddha, Cargo, Ministry, and KOKO.

Beer: London stag do again, for her old school boozers and the universally popular London Pride.

Music: Spanish pops vs. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Madness, and the Sex Pistols, London wins.

Budget: This one's a draw.

Cool stuff to do: A Marbella stag do for yacht charter, VIP beach clubs, and wakeboarding.

History and culture: The home of Henry VIII, James Bond and the Rolling Stones, London beats Marbs fair and square.

Verdict: London wins!

Manchester Vs. Amsterdam

Nightlife: You haven't lived until you've done the Red Light District and the Leidseplein!

Beer: Amsterdam stag do for her beer bars and breweries.

Music: The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, New Order and The Verve - Manchester stag do wins.

Budget: Manchester is best for a budget stag do.

Cool stuff to do: Amsterdam, for blow karting, indoor snowboarding and the Ajax football experience.

History and culture: Amsterdam, for her crazy canal network, skinny houses, brown cafes, the Van Gogh Museum, and Anne Frank's house.

Verdict: Amsterdam wins!

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Date Posted: Monday 13th April 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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