Best Stag Do Locations

Stuck for top stag do locations? With 15 years' experience sorting classic stags in the world's greatest spots, we know a thing or two about what it takes to make a destination truly great. Here are our top five?¦

Las Vegas Stag Do

The original Sin City, Vegas has everything a chap could want from a no expense spared stag weekend. Take a helicopter tour over the legendary Strip. Club with celebrities in private pool parties. Hurl yourself out of a plane. Hobnob with strippers. If'all or nothing' is all you want, Las Vegas is the stag do location for you!

Bangkok Stag Do

You can't go crazier than you can in Bangkok. Find out what The Hangover Part II was really like with our legendary 6 night tour of the country the movie was filmed in! You'll get to relive every hilarious detail, from partying in ping pong bars to waking up with henna versions of that face tattoo. Boom.

Prague Stag Do

Prague is the capital city of stag parties - the original and best European weekend break for chaps on the lash! We've got ready-made Prague packages galore, customised for footie fans, adrenaline junkies, battle-hardened warriors and beer lovers - or you can make your own stag do. Get down and dirty with nearly-nude lady mud wrestling, sample the best beer on earth and spare a moment to gawp at the architecture. Legendary!

Nottingham Stag Do

We love a good stag do in Nottingham - and not just because it's our home turf! Robin Hood country knows all about partying, by day and by night. Head off to Sherwood Forest for some archery practice, burn serious rubber in our Rage Buggies and PowerTurns, and get your team together for our version of BBC TV's classic It's a Knockout. And that's before you've even thought about the nightclubs?¦

Barcelona Stag Do

Barcelona has it all: sun, sea, epic city life and the best football team in the world! Visit the Nou Camp, take part in a footie tournament, do an X rated treasure hunt and chill on luxury yachts. If you want to combine the relaxed attitude of a beach destination with every temptation a city can offer, you don't need to look further than Barca.

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Date Posted: Monday 16th February 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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