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Lady dressed in sexy police outfit

Bratislava Police Kidnap

Bratislava Police Kidnap Ello ello ello - wot's goin on ere then? Scare the life out of your best bud with a hilarious fake police kidnap. It's the perfect prank, and you don't have to lift a finger to make it happen!

We use a troupe of professional actors, who pose as a team from the Bratislava police force. As your stag party settles down for a quiet beer in a traditional Slovakian pub, the boys in blue bust in and cart the groom off in a forbidding-looking cop wagon!

While you lot snigger into your pints, he'll be getting the third degree from a Bratislavan "detective", convincing him that he's mistakenly been identified as a tourist wanted for a serious crime. Just when he thinks he's going down for the rest of his life in an Eastern European slammer, the joke's revealed and he's delivered back to the bar.

At this point, we find it's wisest to buy him a beer and a shot, and stand well back!

What's the point of arranging a stag party if you don't take the chance to scare your mate half to death? Earn limitless best man points, give the boys a laugh and a half and discharge your duty as chief prank-meister. Legendary.

In a nutshell:

  • Stitch the groom up with a fake arrest
  • Ultimate stag party prank
  • All prearranged and safe
  • **Only available as an addition to the paintball activity**
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