Tallinn Police Kidnap

Leave your best mate tied naked to a lamppost on his Tallinn stag weekend is a bit passé. These days, stag stitch-ups are far more imaginative - and less likely to result in the poor chap being locked in a prison cell in the middle of Eastern Europe!

A police kidnap is just the job for a Tallinn stag weekend.

No broken bones, frozen wedding tackle or awkward phone calls to the future missus.

Here's the plan...

You lot fool the stag into thinking he's off for a stroll around Tallinn's landmarks and monuments. Stop for a quick pint in a bar, where the "police" will be ready and waiting top arrest him.

He'll be whisked off for "interrogation" and the rest of you get to enjoy a few more pints in the pub. The boys in blue will put the groom out of his misery, reveal the joke and release him. Hopefully he'll appreciate the wheeze and return to the pub with a smile on his face.

The groom may not remember too much about his Tallinn stag weekend but he won't forget a police kidnap in a hurry! Besides, the pictures will be comedy gold. It would be rude not to!

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Tallinn Stag Party Packages - Stag Kidnap
Police Prank
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  • Police Kidnap
  • Lap Dancing Tour
  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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