Warsaw Police Kidnap

Want to scare the crap out of the stag? Nothing works better than arranging for a fake arrest in a city he doesn't know! Say the word, and we'll get the Warsaw 'law' onto him. His punishment? A private strip show. Now that's what we call a stag party prank.

Obviously, these guys aren't really the Polish police. But they look enough like the real thing to convince a hungover man who doesn't speak the local language! While you lot snigger into your beers, he'll be marched off to face the music. Fortunately for him, that music is long-legged and big-breasted, but he doesn't know that...

A stag party arrest is one of the all-time classic pranks. It's got everything - the element of surprise, the touch of fear, and the big pay-off. When he understands he's not going to spend his wedding day in a Warsaw jail, he'll forgive you for putting him through the ordeal. And when the stripper gets in on the act - well, then the only person you need to worry about laying down the law is the big man's fiancee. Keep this one to yourselves, chaps. There's honour among thieves - and there's also honour among fellers who don't want an angry girlfriend kicking them in the wedding tackle!

In a nutshell:

  • We arrange a stag arrest in Warsaw
  • He's arrested by fake police
  • Strip show for the stag (15 minutes)
  • Local guide
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