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Derby Air Rifle Shooting

Shooting stuff is a timeless stag do activity: but that doesn't mean you have to go deaf letting off shotguns, or end up covered in paintball bruises! Smart stags opt for air rifles. They're light, deadly, and best of all they don't make any noise.

Have you ever tried popping BB pellets at those rigged targets they have on a fairground? Newsflash: the sights are rigged. You won't hit one in a million years. But here, with everything kosher and above board, you can finally experience the joy of firing off air rifles at traditional tin targets - and hitting them! Knock 'em, down, make 'em spin. With plenty of pellets to go round, every feller on the stag do stands a real chance of racking up a high score.

This is a shooting activity with a real difference. Held at a field sports centre close to Derby, it's a fun and original way to prove for all time just how good a shot you really are! Take instruction from the experts, take aim, and knock down a whole row of targets like a real carney.

This is a covered shooting activity, so it doesn't matter what's going on with the weather. Come rain or shine, you'll be dry as a bone and cool as a cucumber.

In a nutshell:

  • Air rifle shooting in Derby
  • Covered activity
  • Shoot traditional targets with traditional air rifles
  • All the fun of the fair!
  • Instruction and safety briefing
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