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Leeds Air Rifle Shooting

Forget assault weaponry - real men use air rifles. Quick, light and terrifyingly accurate, these competition shooters are addictive fun for stags who don't want to go deaf the week before their wedding!

Not far from Leeds city centre, there's an outdoor adventure centre kitted out with a spectacular air rifle range. The staff here teach stags how to aim and fire air rifles every week, so they're well used to a bit of hungover banter.

Learn to load, aim and fire a contest rifle at targets ranging from the hilarious to the downright impossible. With different sizes and styles of bullseye to go for, including some comedy novelties perfect for a stag do, all the boys are guaranteed to hit something.

The unlimited pellet allowance helps: if at first you don't succeed, have a massive strop and reload! Your shooting instructor will show you aiming and breathing techniques designed to take care of the jitters. By the end of the afternoon, you'll be scoring direct hits at sniping distance.

After a few rounds to get your eye in, your stag do competes in a round robin tournament for a chance to shoot off in the grand final. Can you take out a firework and finish the day with a bang?

In a nutshell:

  • 1 hour shooting
  • Full instruction and safety briefing
  • Unlimited pellets
  • Competition with final firework shootout
  • Close to Leeds city centre
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