Blackpool Blackpool Air Rifle Shooting for Stag Do Party

Cock the hammer - it's time for action! Forget noisy assault weapons and handguns that kick like a mule. If you want to combine all the fun of Call of Duty with a safe, noise-free way to let off some steam, air rifles are where it's at.

These aren't the air-powered weapons you remember from your youth. Competition standard rifles, powered by compressed gas, they look the business and fire pellets at speeds of 600 feet per second.

You'll be loading and firing standard diabolo pellets, whose pinch waisted design is intended to maximise accuracy and stability in the air. Listen to your instructor, control your breathing and pull the trigger for a kill shot every time.

We're taking you to an awesome air rifle range just outside Blackpool, which is well used to entertaining lads on a stag weekend. The staff are friendly and fun, and will have you up and shooting straight away.

If you get a few bullseyes at the top of the afternoon, and want to show off, ask for some "wad cutter" pellets. These are way less stable, but they cut massive holes in the paper targets so they're used by pro shooters in competition situations. It's the only way to prove you're king of the stag weekend shooting lists!

Blackpool is well known for its nighttime fun stuff. Now you know where the kids go during the day. Lock and load, soldier!

In a nutshell:

  • Air rifle and pellet hire
  • Safety briefing and expert instruction

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