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Barcelona Parasailing

If you've got a bunch of different personalities to please on your stag weekend, parasailing is right up your street! A winning combination of nut-shrinking adrenaline and total relaxation, this classy sport is best described in two words: 'extreme chilling'.

Launch from a boat at one of Barcelona's best-loved watersports centres. Your sail ascends as high as 90m, offering stunning views of the mountains at Montnegre, and the Mediterranean coastline.

Chaps who got into the Estrella the night before will love the chance to breathe in some healing sea air, and do something super-exciting without having to roll down a hill or take part in a high speed boating afternoon! This is the one adrenaline activity in Barcelona you can pretty much guarantee won't push hungover dudes over the edge. Well, almost. Depends how many beers you really drank, of course!

Oh, and the clever chaps at this watersports spot can even launch you without getting you wet. So grab a smartphone and head for the skies. This is one stag weekend Vine upload you definitely don't want to miss!

In a nutshell:

  • Go parasailing solo or tandem
  • Flight height is between 70-90m
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Packages That Include This Activity

Barcelona Stag Do Ideas - Parasailing
Up and Away
Whats Included...
  • Parasailing
  • Night Club Entry
  • Airport Transfers
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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