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Ayia Napa Parasailing

Parasailing is the greatest thing a man with a hangover can do. Period. What could be more relaxing than drifting high above the beautiful sands of Nissi Beach, surreptitiously checking out the topless bathing beauties while you breathe clean sea air?

Strapped in tandem beneath a parachute sail, you'll be lifted from the ground and given the ride of a lifetime! All the power and steering are provided by your towing vehicle, so all you have to do is chill out and enjoy the view.

A stag do in Ayia Napa is pretty full-on. A sleepless night full of clubs, bars, more clubs and girls with almost no clothes on can make a chap go kinda crazy. It's good to get away from it all for 15 minutes, get your head back together and do something that doesn't involve drinking!

Rise above it all with your buddy, and share the experience of seeing Ayia Napa from a whole different perspective. You'll come back down to earth feeling like a whole new man.

This is a great gift for the groom - it's not expensive when you club together, and it's one of the many things you can do here that you can't do in many other stag do destinations. Go on, be nice. Give him something he'll actually enjoy. After all, he did bring you to paradise. We reckon he deserves a big fat thank you!

In a nutshell:

  • 15 mins parasailing
  • Local guide
  • Minimum 8 people

This activity is no longer available. From Only £92.00 per Person

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