Stag Weekend Activities

Say Goodbye to Bachelorhood In Style!

Have you been given the task of arranging a stag weekend away and haven't a clue where to start?
Look no further as we have been arranging party weekends for the last 14 years and we never grow
bored of it!

No longer is your stag party a drunken night down the local boozer with enough beer to feed the beast. You want more; you deserve more!! Stag weekends are available throughout the UK. Why settle for a night in familiar surroundings when the delights of the whole UK are there to tempt and entertain you?

No matter how much drinking stamina you might claim to have, if you don't amuse yourselves in the day with an activity somewhere outside the confines of a pub, you'll more than likely end up wandering aimlessly in circles calling yourself Susan by 8:30! We have so many activities to choose from you won't know where to start.

Where to go?

In a few short hours you could be surfing in Newquay or follow in the footsteps of the stag weekends that made a date with Edinburgh's excellent watering holes. Taking the boys on tour can be as cheap as chips or as lavish as you like. We can point you in the right direction of nicely priced packages, accommodation and excellent activities!!.

We've been sorting lads out with legendary last stands for years, and we've always on the lookout for new activity experiences and locations for stag parties. There's a whole host of cool stuff on offer for parties at the moment. Check out our Top Sellers page and you'll see why a stag weekend organised by us are nothing short of awesome.

What to do?

You should not be worried about missing out on adult entertainment either. Stag party weekends and strippers go together like beer and curry. One's perfectly fine on its own, but add the other and you've got a real dream team! From independent lap dancing and strip clubs to heavyweights like Spearmint Rhino we have all sorts of erotic emporiums to choose from on your night.

Stag weekends can be about much more than getting spectacularly smashed. Yes, we know your drinking skills are legendary but stag weekend can be let down by getting on it too hard, too early. The firm favourites of Karting, Paintballing and Off Road Driving for your stag party are all available.

After a hard day of activities, night clubs, strip clubs and drinking you will be desperate for a bed for the night. Rest assured that you won't be stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Centrally located hotels are vital for successful stag night shindigs and all our accommodation is right in the heart of all the action. So when the time finally comes for your party to retire you'll only be a short stumble away from a bed!

Party weekends have come on leaps and bounds over the past few years. No matter what you're up for or where, there's somewhere and something for stag parties of all shapes, tastes and sizes. But if all this choice makes you want to head for the hills, don't worry. Help is at hand.

There's no reason to be put off arranging your party weekend when you can get a pro to do all the hard work and you get to take all the credit! Whether you're looking for the simple approach or are after something a bit special, we'll listen and come up with a tailor-made plan that can't fail to impress your mates!

Booking your weekend couldn't be easier. Simply browse through our website to find the ideal stag party destination and package for your group. Once you have decided on your ideal weekend simply contact our helpful sales team at and let us create a stag night you'll never forget.

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