Krakow Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Give the big lad a cracker of a stag weekend in Krakow!

Not all stags are looking for the all night party shenanigans of some of the other, more hedonistic cities in Europe. Historic and quaint she may be, but that doesn't mean that Poland's capital doesn't know how to have a good time! If you've got a group of dedicated hedonists on your hands you'll have no worries keeping them amused on a Krakow Stag Do! There's plenty for you to get up to throughout the evening and even during the daylight hours. We'll help you smash the big lad's single life send off in Poland.

If you're looking for a loud and lively selection of pubs and bars, you'll find the Grand Square's selection top notch. The Old Town is the best place to kick start your single life send off shenanigans with a bar crawl on the first night. We'll even have a smokin' hot, local party animal be your guide on a tour of the city's nightlife hotspots.

A stag weekend in Krakow is perfect year round...

Come Summer or Winter, you'll find plenty of activities to keep all the lads in your stag party out of the bars for at least a few hours! Stag parties here always benefit from one or two outdoor pursuits throughout a stag weekend. They banish hangovers and give the lads a chance to see more of the city than the average sightseeing expedition for tourists. One of the many factors in favour of a stag do in this city is their seasonality.

The weather's surprisingly sweltering in the Summer, so you may want to check out spending one blistering afternoon cooling down at the local waterpark. Perhaps a bit of mountain rafting down the Dunajec is more your style? If you're in search of something that'll get pulses pounding, check out Paintball. This activity is top-class in Krakow; we're talking a former military base that's been transformed into an adrenaline junkie's paradise. Speaking of military-style pursuits, if there's one think you can't miss on a stag weekend in the Polish capital, tis' Kalashnikov Shooting. Always a winner on a weekend here, this one never ails to get top marks from all the guys.

Pick from one of our Krakow Stag Party Activities Below

Stag Weekends - 5 A Side Football - Krakow
5 A Side Football

From £24.00 Per Person

Airport Transfers

From £19.00 Per Person

Airsoft - Stag Weekends - Krakow

From £43.00 Per Person

Beer Tasting - Stag Weekends - Krakow
Beer Tasting

From £22.00 Per Person

Brewery Dinner - Stag Weekends - Krakow
Brewery Dinner

From £28.00 Per Person

Bubble Football - Stag Weekends - Krakow
Bubble Football

From £46.00 Per Person

If you fancy dinner with a little extra entertainment as the brandies get rolled out, a Meal and Strip Show Combo is the way forward. Whatever kind of sendoff you fancy, you'll get it in Krakow. Stag weekends of all sorts and tastes are catered for. The Old Town alone has hundreds of cafes, bars, and restaurants serving everything from traditional Polish cuisine, to trendy eateries for all you stylish chaps. One thing you can bank on at dinner is this - a shot of fiery Polish vodka to finish off. Some traditions are definitely worth observing, and this is one of them. It's strong stuff and you'll know about it after you're thrown a couple down the neck!