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Bucharest river view

Bucharest Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Do something awesome on your stag weekend in Bucharest!

Bucharest Stag Do activities, we've cherry-picked a bunch of activities for adrenaline junkies, petrol heads, gamers, footballers, playboys and hedonists. A nice blend of stag classics like paintball and hella crazy stuff that will make your eyes pop and heart hammer. Want to tick sky diving off your bucket list? Say the word and we'll sort it. Grand prix karting? No worries. Bubble football? We'll hire a pitch and roll out the giant bubbles.

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Pick from one of our Bucharest Stag Party Activities Below

A Bucharest stag do without a trip to Bran Castle would be like London without Big Ben. Italy without the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Dracula's pad has to be done. End of. Take a day trip to Brasov, go inside the famous fortress and maybe hear a few whispers of vampire-like malevolent spirits said to roam the nearby villages from midnight till the break of dawn. Yes, it is a popular excursion but it's also a golden opportunity to get out of the old town tourist bars, see what lies beyond the city limits and check out Transylvania. When are you ever going to get the chance to do all that Dracula stuff again?

Make your stag party pumped in Bucharest...

If shooting is your thing, Romania is your playground. You can get your hands on the kind of guns used by badass blockbuster action heroes, armies and law enforcement over here. We're talking AK47 and Glock 17. Learn with a professional, channel the spirit of John Rambo as you step forward, line up your shot and take the targets out. Hell yeah.

Then you've got the girls. Romania is renowned for her smoking hot dark and exotic women. Bucharest Old Town has her fair share of strip clubs and massage places. You're planning a Bucharest stag do. Do the maths! Obviously you want to avoid the tourist traps, which basically means pre-booking strip club entry. It's the easy way to get everyone in and because you pay beforehand, there's no haggling on the night. If you want a private show, we can sort a stripper dinner. Or a sexy hitch hiker. Or a lesbian show. This is Romania. Welcome to the pleasuredome!

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