Bucharest Stag Do Party Packages

Go wild in Romania with a stag night in Bucharest...

Doing your stag party on a budget doesn’t have to mean having a few pints down your local! Your stag party pot will go really far when you book a Bucharest Stag Weekend! This capital city boasts modern charm, boat loads of history and scenery that’ll make your jaws drop. Discover somewhere new before the groom takes the leap into married life!

Bucharest is a destination packed with palaces, parks and plenty to do; where will you begin? Like many cities in Europea, there is so much to see and do that there’s no way you could do it all in one weekend. With our help, your stag party can see all the best bits, party in the most popular venues and make memories in the great outdoors with little to no effort on your part! Planning your mate’s stag do is just that easy.

Pack in the culture on a Bucharest stag weekend!

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Bucharest is Dracula’s Castle. If you only do one thing, do this! Bran's castle is only a short drive from Bucharest city centre and miles away from reality. It’s a bit terrifying and will chill you to your bones to check it out. If you want to get your stag party spirit pumping, this is the way to do it. Come on, lads; do you have the cojones to head to Transylvania? Only one way to find out!

If you want your stag weekend to be exciting and stress-free. Check out the Ultimate Weekend package. This doozy includes strip club entry, VIP nightclub entry and a bar crawl with a local nightlife expert, as well as must-haves, like airport transfers and two nights’ accommodation. Our pre-made packages are a no brainer. Choose one today or create one of your own with our build your own feature.

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Bucharest Stag Do Ideas - Bubble Football
Bubble Party

From £152.00 Per Person

Bucharest Stag Party Packages - Paintball and Strip Club Entry
Bucharest Battlefield

From £159.00 Per Person

Bucharest Stag Do Ideas - Pistol Shooting
On Target

From £179.00 Per Person

Bucharest Stag Party Packages - Indoor Karting and VIP Club Entry
Take to the Track

From £165.00 Per Person

Bucharest Stag Party Packages - Big Night Out
Ultimate Weekend

From £149.00 Per Person

Bucharest Stag Party Packages - Weekend Essentials
Weekend Essentials

From £109.00 Per Person